Patch 3.3 – 2 weeks in.

22 12 2009

It’s been two weeks since the launch of 3.3, and here’s a recap of how I feel about the patch so far:

Icecrown Citadel

My last post already covered how easy the first 4 bosses for 10 man are, and my success on my 219-geared pally on Taiwan servers being able to clear the same 4 bosses with ease confirms the case. On the other hand, Saurfang 25 man is tuned to be pretty tight. It’s probably because our raid doesn’t handle the adds cleanly (I wish there would be a stable strat to hand the adds), resulting in early marks and up to 5-6 marks running near the end of the fight. I definitely feel this boss can use a little nerf so it’s not so much a barricade for entry into the rest of the instance (for normal mode anyways).

Tanking Random Heroics

Now, with all 245+ gear and what not warrior tanking in heroics suck. I seriously suggest just gearing to around 35k HP unbuffed, hit and expertise (dodge) cap yourself, then wear dps gear for the rest of your slots, spec and glyph to improve cleave then start chain pulling like mad. I feel like sending threat letters to Blizzard every day I do my random Heroic to fix the rage system that is outdated by however many years the game has been out.

LFD Woes

I’ve heard some pretty bad things happen down that function, though luckily I haven’t been on the receiving end of any of these reports.

  • People seeing shit-geared healers and leaving
  • People pretending to be tanks (with no tank gear) just to get in quickly then force another player to tank (disband if no other tank available)
  • People needing other classes stuff
  • etc etc

It’s a good system all-in-all but like every other system it’s bound to be abused by assholes. Probably all we can do is pray it never happens to us.


However much I hated the instance and pray every day that I will never random this instance, I have ran across this one once during these two weeks. The nerfed instance is FAR more easy, with an OK group it took us around 15 minutes to clear the place (two ppl noobed out and died 10 seconds into the last boss). I guess it’s acceptable this way, but I’d probably only be doing it if I knew the other 4 people.

Deathbound Wards? What Deathbound Wards?

These are the super-annoying bone giants that don’t come into play until you trigger some random-placed trap in the corridor leading up to lord Marrowgar in Icecrown Citadel. Yes you heard it: Traps. Good old D&D style traps that you must find some rogue to look out for. I seriously think these mobs need to be toned down, esp in 10 man where rogues aren’t always available. Coupled with the mob pathing issues it’s impossible to position these mobs correctly and it just calls for wipefests. 25 man versions of these things have like 5 million HP. Can we have that cut in half please?


Day 1 of patch 3.3 – make sure other MMOs copy this dungeon finder thing.

10 12 2009

The Dungeon Finder

This must be the best invention Blizzard has come up with, ever. You type /lfd, check random Northrend heroic, tick your archetype, then 20 seconds later a group pops up and you are automatically teleported to the instance along with your 4 new-found friends. Magic.

Within the instance you can teleport out anytime to restock on supplies, and at the end of the instance you can just port out and find yourself exactly where you were before you joined the group. Same applies even if you bring 4 other friends. And you get 2 emblems of frosts to boot! Luckily I didn’t random the Occulus.

The new Icecrown 5-man instances

They’re pretty meh. With our level of gear the heroics mostly became tank-and-spanks, we didn’t even have much of a chance to figure out what the boss was doing before we were figuring what the boss had dropped.

The one complaint I have as a tank is that groups of linked mobs are placed very badly and it’s really hard to group them up to AE, and the abundance of caster mobs surely doesn’t help. I suppose DKs and Pallies might have a better experience than I had. The other problem with walking in with ToGC25 gear is that the red line of “Not enough rage” has become imprinted at the top of my screen, and my fellow just-as-well-geared dps are drawing aggro left and right. Putting on pieces of DPS gear is a good idea to offset this (though your healer would need to work a little harder).

The new Icecrown raids

Our raid leader was out of town and we weren’t very organized when we wandered into the gates of the Icecrown Citadel, so we just managed to down the first two bosses. Marrowgar was a walk in the park, with Deathwhisper requiring a bit more co-ordination (just a bit). Once we figured what the hell was going on with the adds and how to split the raid better for the job she came down within 2 tries.

After that we went on our 10 man and cleared all 4 bosses. The gunship battle I must say is very creative and one of the better “gimmick” fights to date. Just make sure you don’t do stupid stuff with your jetpack.

Saurfang’s only challenging part is dealing with the two adds that spawn (it’s pretty easy). If you have a druid just have them root one somewhere while your ranged dps kill the other. have a shaman stomp down a earthbind in the middle of the platform and you’re good to go. I switched to my tank spec with piercing howl to help ease the initial rush a little. The fight is otherwise straight-forward.


The trash is far more annoying than the bosses. Especially those giant skeletons before Marrowgar. I still can’t figure out after killing them in both 25 and 10 man what the hell they are doing and what triggers them to spawn. The instance is otherwise not too annoying. (for now).

WoW Patch 3.3 inc! This is now a warrior tanking blog.

9 12 2009

Waiting for the servers to come up… or not, might as well just go sleep.

3.3 Warrior Changes

  • Victory Rush: This ability is now trainable at level 6.
  • Talents
    • Protection
      • Damage Shield: This ability will no longer trigger any chance-on-hit effects from the warrior or the opponent it damages.

Yawn. I know. It’s been like this since I installed the expansion, not surprised at all.

3.3 tank loot

If you go through the 3.3 loot lists (especially the new badge rewards), you will find that there’s a lot of +armor on our gear. Which I think is a good thing anyways, since I just don’ think avoidance is going to help us a lot anymore.

On the other hand, even with chill of the throne (ICC zone-wide -20% dodge), it doesn’t mean that dodge is now useless. Unless you have less than 20% gear before the debuff, dodge rating is still worth relatively the same as it was before. So don’t think just because of the debuff it seems like dodge rating is now completely crap and what not.

My guess (because I don’t know how much and how often will bosses hit for, and how hard will it be to keep threat), the priorities for tank gearing will remain EH (Stamina and armor, in that order), followed by the expertise dodge cap (26), avoidance (I would still think that dodge > parry), and least importantly (imo) threat (hit/expertise). Block is still crap.

3.3 instances

Let’s hope the new instances are entertaining. Damn I hated trial of the crusader, killing the same 5 bosses 4 times a week for 4 months certainly wasn’t fun. Luckily Blizzard figured that out and bosses’ hard modes are now toggled instead of totally a separate fight. Let’s hope the new 5 man is enjoyable.

The new random instance mechanic is pretty cool. I wonder if it teleports the group to the instance. Lets hope that I will never encounter the Occulus, ever (yes I know it’s nerfed but I still loathe it A LOT).


I was quite disappointed that is no tank weapon reward for this quest line. But then again the quest rewards are only ilvl 251, which is just a minor upgrade from the 245 tank sword that every tank is using (the one from heroic anub 10), so might as well grab the 251 2h sword for my dps specs.


Lets end this post here for now. More after I get some game time in tomorrow.

A revival of this Blog ~ A WotLK Protection Warrior synopsis

7 12 2009

Long time no see!

Don’t know if anyone still reads this blog anyways. But since I’ve got too much time on my hands and nothing to do I might as well type something here.

As I’ve said before I’ve changed from playing a Shaman to my old main (warrior) . I’ve tanked just about every encounter in WotLK by now (save 25 man Algalon), so I might as well write something up about warrior tanking.

The good part

Ever since the mega-changes in 3.0, warriors received an answer to almost every weakness it had in it’s tank arsenal: better scaling threat in all abilities, AoE threat (TC, SW, RS), mobility (warbringer), ranged threat (HT, ranged taunt).

If the warrior had one advantage over the other tank classes (they don’t have alot), it would be versatility (well, and mobility). We also are the only class with spell reflect.

Give us death grip and we’d be the best tanks ever (or Argent Defender, I can’t decide).

The bad part

Well, we don’t have the highest threat(pallies), highest AoE threat (DKs), best shield blocking (pallies), best cooldowns (DKs), nor the highest EH (droods). Basically we’re in the middle of just about every tanking stat category there is.

We also share with droods the most out-of-date and crap-filled resource system: rage.

We suck at ranged threat. S-U-C-K. Heroic throw is on a 1 minute CD. We have 1 single target taunt. Shooting my ranged weapon takes at least a whole second and hits for like 400. Pallies get shield throw, 2 (so to speak) taunts, exorcism (cast time, yeah, but at least it hits hard.). DKs have death coil, D&D, two taunts, and depending on spec icy touch as well. Droods have fairy fire (OP ranged threat ability, period.).

Why a warrior tank?

  1. We’re the only spec+class able to stack the sunder debuff without losing on DPS.
  2. We have answers to pretty much every situation.
  3. We have the best AoE snap aggro (worst sustained threat, mind you).
  4. We have the best initial threat (first 6 seconds, any longer pally wins with wings).
  5. We have the best mobility (charge, intercept, intervene).
  6. We have fear immunity on 30 seconds CD (not that it matters much anymore).
  7. We have shield reflect.

Prior to 3.2, there was only one fight where warrior tanks had a significant advantage over the other 3 tank classes: Mimiron hard mode (being able to tank both the bottom and the head at the same time takes so much pressure off your healers, frees up and adds to the ranged dps on the head). For the fights that mattered, we’re dead last on picking up adds on Yogg, we’re tied last place with pallies on Sartharion 3D and tied last place with droods on Hodir hard.

In ToGC Pallies have the upper hand for tanking just about every boss because of Argent Defender. The only place warriors shine is add tanking for Anub, (Maybe Jaraxxus if you just can’t find someone who can kick those fireballs for you) due to warrior mechanics and if you were able to pick up a block rating/value set from Naxx and Ulduar, you will be able to build a set that features 101.6% block+parry+block+miss and you will find yourself next to invincible when tanking adds.

(I’d like to take this time to say “FUCK YOU” to violet hold for continuing to deny me of my Lavanthor’s. I blame blizzard for thinking up this random boss thing)


Ever since the invention of the deep wounds (15/3/51 +2)spec it has been my tank spec of choice. There’s also the cleave/demo shout spec (for anub adds and when you really need imp. demo), and the Relentless Assault spec (which I never liked).

As of 3.2.2, I use the Shield Wall, Blocking, and Devastate glyphs. I think there was some math on how using the devastate glyph improves its threat generation. Block glyph is actually quite mediocre with the sad amounts of shield block we sport at the moment. The alternatives include glyphs of heroic strike and vigilance (which I personally like alot).


Aside from that block set you might find handy (well the only other bosses that it’s useful for is Loatheb, harhar). You basically just want to gear for effective health, that is, a combination of stamina and armor.

Avoidance is nice and what not, but it won’t save your life when you most need it (Impales from beasts can’t be avoided, Icehowl and anub stuns you negating your avoidance, twins do mostly spell damage to you, and Jaraxxus hits like a … ball of tissue paper).

Threat isn’t really that much of an issue save on twins, and even if it is with a few misdirections or tricks of the trade it will become a non-issue. Bosses used to not hit hard back in naxx so we could gear for all the expertise and hit we want. But unfortunately in ToGC (and most likely ICC) we don’t have the room to spare for the threat stats anymore. And to be honest, I haven’t been having much problems on threat running at 40 hit rating (expertise is way too abundant in 3.2, I suspect we might run low in ICC, in which case I suggest maintaining the soft cap of 26 expertise).

I personally make sure all my gems fit the colors (for aesthetic reasons), but if you’re in a serious progression guild I suggest you to do otherwise and gem for highest EH, which means ignoring socket bonuses and slotting them with 30 sta’s if it means higher EH. (it’s a marginal difference, but every little bit helps, no?)

In the end, armor and health are still our best friends. Avoid block value and rating like the plague.


It used to be that a 4 GCD rotatin of Shield slam, revenge, devastate, filler (Shockwave, Conc. Blow, TC, Demo shout, etc) and moving that rotation ahead every time S&B procs. My recent observations of damage numbers show that it isn’t the case anymore. Thanks to avoiding block value stats and shield slam scaling badly with our gear (the stuns, revenge, and Devastate all scale relatively better). I haven’t had the time to go deep into the numbers (because the difference is probably negligible) and I have just stuck with keeping all my abilities (SS, Rev, CB, SW) on CD and filling with devastates (shouts and clap if necessary).

There’s also some people suggesting that using a slow weapon will greatly enhance your deep wounds and devastate damage. But the last time we had a tank weapon that was slow was Broken Promise from Naxx. The sacrifice of EH (health AND armor, considering the 10 man ToGC sword or Quel’Serrar) just didn’t justify the extra threat/dps (which isn’t significant, and isn’t important).


Well, even though I do have a lot of complaints for the warrior tank, I have successfully tanked almost every encounter in WotLK for my guild (save MTing Sarth 3D and Vexxaz stand-still strat which just wasn’t possible for a warrior tank, and Algalon 25, which we never got to), so we aren’t in that bad of a position.

Blizz officials claim that warriors are the most popular tank for top guilds, my guess is that it’s because these people carried down from the TBC/vanilla ages and since they were skilled enough and the warrior class was sufficient (though not most effective for the most part), there was no reason why not to keep using them as tanks (no to mention they are gear-ready to tank stuff the instant they hit 80).

What I’d like to see in the future is more options for warrior tanking (like how DKs can have so many different tank specs), as honestly protection warriors have received next-to-zero changes since 3.0 and the same play style gets bland when you do the same thing for an entire year. (I sympathize with and give my dearest salute those that have stuck with protection warriors since vanilla wow.)

So what do I want to say? I don’t know, I just wanted to kill time. If you want more information on tanking, I suggest (though I find that their coverage has strayed far to distant from tanking alone and good information on tanking has become increasingly hard to find on that site).

The quick spring 2009 anime post.

27 04 2009

I’ll make it quick this time round.

Series I’m watching :

07 Ghost, Asura Cryin, Eden of the East, Fullmetal Alchemist (sorta), K-on, Pandora Hearts, Phantom, Queen’s Blade, Saki, Shangri-la, Tayutama (aka Kiss on my Deity), Tears to Tiara, Hatsukoi Limited, Polyphonica Crimson S, Senkoku Basara, Senjou no Valkyria.

Yeah I’ve basically covered most of the new series out there.


07 Ghost: Bishonen everywhere. BL? Yaoi? you bet. I’m not sure why I’m watching this anyways.

Asura Cryin: Robot (sorta) genre with weird characters.

Eden of the East: Original story about a boy and a girl and a wierd mobile phone.

FMA: Re-adaptation of the manga. (since the 1st FMA TV series left on it’s own storyline somewhere down the line) I just watch a few seconds of each episode just to know where the story is at.

K-on: 4 girls, slice of life, band and music, kyoAni. Nuff’said.

Pandora Hearts: Guy is decendent of rich family, on his becoming an adult he gets pulled into the abyss and makes a contract with a demon there. TBH I have no idea what the story is about still.

Phantom: Two normal people who gets their past wiped from memory and turned into killers.

Queen’s Blade: If you need an excuse to watch perverted anime but not the real hentai stuff here’ your chance.

Saki: An anime about Mahjong. Think Captain Tsubasa/Prince of Tennis except it’s Mahjong.

Shangri-la: Apparently this is for loli-cons since… all the non-loli female characters are… monsters.

Tayutama: er… originated from some gal-game, pretty generic.

TTT: gal-game turned into a PS3 game. The PS3 character designs are much better. I’d go play the game.

Hatsukoi Limited: Talks about a bunch of high-school girls and them and their first love.

Polyphonica: This is apparently the 2nd try at an anime adaptation of this light novel series. Apparently the first try was a failure. 2nd try seems pretty bland to me.

Senkoku Basara: Hot blooded men (and women… well not really) in a war-torn japan. It’s actually pretty entertaining, in contrast to what I first expected anyways.

Senjou no Valkyria: WW2 like setting, a girl volunteers to join the armed forces and her struggle against the evil empire that is trying to invade her country. Adapted from the PS3 game.

Must Watches:

K-on, Eden of the East, FMA (If you haven’t seen the manga/first anime)


Senkoku Basara, Hatsukoi Limited, Asura Cryin

“I thought were OK”:

Pandora Hearts, Phantom, Shangri-la, Senjou no Valkyria


Queen’s Blade, TTT, Tayutama

“I might actually stop watching”:

Polyphonica, 07 Ghost (because of the Yaoi)

Updates, last season’s anime, and what not.

24 03 2009

Okay folks. My last post was in… November 2008. As we all know it is now well into march of ’09. My apoologies for any who actually do follow the blog (if there were any in the first place) for the lack of updates and new posts.

World of Warcraft 3.02 to 3.09

We’re in the vanila stages of WotLK, and as I mentioned in my previous posts I’ve changed from my shaman main to my warrior that I started to play since day 1 of WoW. I’ve been protection since the first minute of WotLK (levelling as prot), hit 80 in 4 days and have been through every single encounter by January (that was Sarth with 3 drakes up).

IMO, I think WotLK raiding has been satisfactory so far. Some say it’s easy, but compared to what Gruul/Magtheridon/Kara was after blizzard had their tuning right, it’s not really that bad (I’d say Naxx has encounters that are harder than entry level TBC encounters). The major problem is just that Blizzard is taking way to long to release 3.1

The achievement system is interesting but I think some achievements bring more frustration than challenge especially when they provide no extra bonus aside from a shiny title or mount (*cough*immortal*cough)

Warrior Tanking

I confess that the sole reason I switched back to warrior main was the announcement of the 51 tanking talent: Shockwave. It has been one of my favorite abilities in War3. I must say that I was pretty disappointed by the lackluster animation. (meh)

The good things about warrior tanks are: no downtime (haha pallies), decent AE tanking abilities (haha druids), spell reflection, best mobility (warbringer ftw) and better scaling threat (because of vigilance).

The bad things about warrior tanks are: low HP (lowest stamina co-efficient of all tank classes), low AE threat (compared to DKs and Pallies), and utterly crap offtanking capabilities.  I think we also have the most complicated tanking rotations out of all tank classes.

There’s enough resources on the net that I don’t need to write a guide for warrior tanks here, unless there is actual demand for one.

Holy Paladin!

Yep, you heard it right. Well, joining a few of my friends on the Taiwan WoW servers, I started a BE pally just for fun and games and leveled her to 80 for some casual 10 man raiding. People kept saying how pally healers are lacklust and what not but from my experience pally healers are able to handle situations just as good as any other healer out there (aside from Shamans and their overpowered cleansing totems). I don’t have much 25 man experience here so I’ll write more if I ever get the chance.


It’s actually near spring season so another round of anime is about to begin in the following weeks. I won’t go into the Jan-March season anime in detail but here’s the list I watched:

Continuing from last season: Clannad AS, Gundam OO 2nd, ToraDora, Shikabanehime, and Index.

Clannad’s animation is just superb, aside from that atmosphere-killing ending theme, the climatic episodes were just beautifully done.  Definitely a must watch if not just for those 2-3 episodes.

Gundam OO’s 2nd season turns out to be an epic. Now if the ending doesn’t turn out to be shit it’s going to be one of the best Gundam series out there.

New series this season: Druaga 2nd, Minami-ke 3rd, Rideback, Ashita no Youichi, Sora kake girl, Koukaku no Regios, Tetsuwan Birdy 2nd.

Druaga starts out just as hilarious as the first season but gets down to serious business within a few episodes. Just to complete the story, but aside from that nothing too special.

Minami-ke’s 3rd season reverts back to it’s manga roots, and has returned to it’s hilarious state like back in season 1.

Rideback is probably this season’s gem (aside from Clannad), it’s probably the easiestly missed series this season but turns out to be one of the best. Must watch.

Sora kake girl is worth watching just to watch Fukuyama Jun as Leopard in that anime.  You’ll laugh your asses off this hikigomori tsundere ai voiced by Lelouge from Code Geass.

Tetsuwan Birdy I can’t find decend subs for (*cry*).

This Blog

I’m thinking of doing something else with this blog and changing the way I post here. Most likely I’ll even write my own blog script and host it on my own webserver. I’m currently taking a course in web design and programming so once I complete the course I’ll have a better idea of if I want to do that or not.

Your Input

If there are still people who read this blog I’d definitely like some feedback so I can better know what to post in the future:

Would you like –

More anime related posts?
Warrior tanking guides?
Paladin healing guides?
Other video game related posts (I play alot)?
Arcade game posts?

leave replies in comments or send them to me via email.

The late (again) fall season anime (p)review (long post warning)

9 11 2008

Since everything ended last season, this autumn we’re introduced to many many many new anime series. Though I’ve chosen to pass most of them, I’m still watching more than a dozen new series. Coming to think of which… I think I’m watching a little bit too much. Nonetheless, on with the list (bear with me here because it is a long list). This time I’m including a screen cap for each anime so it isn’t so bland.

Chaos Head – Based on the visual novel gal-game (eroge?) by Nitro+. The key function of the game is the ability to switch between the antagonist’s reality and his fantasies.  The problem is, in the anime version we have no idea when he’s fantasizing and when is it reality, sometimes it’s easy to tell and some times it’s not. Up to the 4th episode I’m still pretty much confused as to what is happening in the series. Basically it’s a mysterious serial killer on the loose but somehow the antagonist is recieving online images of these killings: before they even happen.   It is a gal game, so the antagonist is surrounded by the steriotypical harem game cast. Maybe if I knew what is actually happening in the story I might be able to say if this is a good series or not, but not now. (6/10)

Chaos HeadShe likes you, and your figure collection too.

Clannad: After Story – I never blogged about the first season because I only watched it a few weeks ago all in one go (all 24 episodes). Clannad itself is based on the visual novel gal-game (non-ero) by Key. I never played the game before but I must say I definitely enjoyed the first season when I watched it, and was on the verge of tears at a few points. I definitely recommend the first season, this has got to be one of the best done high school harem themed anime out there. The second season continues with the life of Tomoya & friends. It’s off to a strong start so I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of this season (which should conclude the series). Be warned that if you don’t like sad sad stories, you might wanna stay away from this. (10/10)

ClannadI’m not a lolicon I’m not a lolicon I’m not a lolicon I’m not a lolicon

Gundam 00 (2nd Season) – After the Code Geass R2 break, we are finally back to Setsuna & friends. Watching the OP you’ll go WTF because the seemingly-everyone-is-dead ending of the first season gets completely defeated by the OP because you see all 4 of the gundam meisters well alive (with a twist, which you’ll find out soon enough). I loved the OP song. None of the 4 gundam units survived the first series so everyone gets a new mech (except the mothership is the same), so much for Bandai gundam model marketing strategies. Series starts rather slow as the Celestial Being rebuilds itself under a new rule of order in the world. Not much action yet, looking forward to see where the story will take us. (8/10)

Gundam 00 2ndYeah, they’re all back, all 4 of them.

Rosario & Vampire (2nd Season) – Tsukune and his harem gang is back for a second season. Because the first season didn’t end with the manga’s season one ending, the second seaons only starts with the introduction of Moka’s younger sister (same as the manga’s 2nd season) then heads into an original story (almost entirely). It’s still the same lighthearted fanservice-centered anime like the last season. On the other hand the version I’m watching has the annoying bat (the narrator) conveniently blocking most (not all) pantsu shots. I’m not really complaining but it kind of destroys the overall feel of the anime. I heard there’s a version without the bat, so you might want to look for that. Note that this time around the animation is only mediocre and because it’s not really following the manga the story is also pretty meh. (6.5/10)

Rosario and Vampire Capu 2Sorry, no panties for you.

Tales of the Abyss – Based on the Tales series game by Namco. Guy who is the son of a nobel in one of the two major countries in a world lost his memory and is somehow the subject of a world-altering prophecy (yeah typical), adventure ensures. You can go search for the wiki and you will get spoiled because it tells you the entire plot there. I had extra time on my hands so I decided to watch it anyways. Note that the protagonist is sorta annoying (not as annoying as another protagonist this season, but still), if you can bear with that I’d say this is actually a pretty decent magic world adventure series. The way they’re doing this anime really makes it feel like you’re watching the animated version of an RPG game. (7/10)

Tales of the AbyssAren’t they adorable?

Tora Dora – Based on the light novel. Guy who is actually decently nice but has a scary face helps his next door neighbour (girl) go after his best friend. Conincidently he has a crush on the neighbour’s best friend as well.  Lighthearted highschool themed story between a bunch of high school students. Animation quality is superb and the story itself is pretty enjoying to watch. The female lead is voiced by Kugimiya Rie (aka Shana, Louise, and Nagi) and is a very typical Kugimiya style character (aka Shana, Louise and Nagi), I personally am not really fond of her style of acting these characters (because it’s all the same lines and it gets old), but since this time around the male and female lead aren’t directly romantically involved it’s less annoying. (8.5/10)

ToraDoraThis scene itself is reason to watch this series.

Bounen no Xam’d (Xam’d of Lost Memories) – This actually started in the summer. But it’s not really a weekly aired show. You can get it off PSN. Ordinary guy suddenly gets caught in a strange bus bombing and he gets transformed into a monster. Mysterious girl comes to his rescue and tells him that he is now the host of a Xam’d. Guy sets off with the girl in search of his “true self” and a way to co-exist with the Xam’d. A very Hayao Miyazaki-esque themed world and story, the story is exceptionally good and definitely worth the watch. There are many different characters appearing throughout the story but it has still managed to give depth to most if not all of the characters. Very recommended wtach. (9/10)

Xam'dThe Xam’d: yeah he’s sorta ugly.

Yousakura Quartet – Based on the manga. Talks about a world where monsters (Japanese style) take human forms and co-exist with humans. But to send monsters back to their homeworld, a tree was planted somewhere to act as a passageway to that world. A town grew around the tree and became home to most of the monster population. The protagonist, human, was the descendant of a family whose special ability was the ability to send the monsters back to their homeworld. He and a few of his friends work together to act as the guardians of this town, preventing renegade monsters from trying to wreck havoc and helping other monsters and people fit in to this town. It’s pretty light hearted even though it has a sort of serious storyline, characters are interesting but some may find the storyline mediocre and uninteresting. (7.5/10)

YousakuraAnd you thought Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay night was powerful.

Hagane no Linebarrel – Based on the manga. There was apparently a lot of hype surrounding this series. The animation quality is… mediocre. It follows the style of the manga so the characters look a bit wierd, and the robots are all CG (it’s a Gonzo production, therefore expect robot battles along the lines of Bassreiter). Story is about a guy who gets killed by accident by a Linebarrel (robot), the owner of the robot decides to resurect him using the linebarrel’s ability and make him the factor (pilot) of the linebarrel. Now this protagonist is a weak crybaby and when he finds out he has superhuman strength and an overpowered robot at his disposal he becomes this total pain in the ass prick that starts thinking he is the persona of justice. This has got to be the most annoying protagonist to be seen in an anime ever (maybe Makoto in school days but he died a horrible death). By the 5th episode there is a change of events and hopefully this guy will get his act together and we can finally start to enjoy this series. (6.5/10, would be higher if this guy wasn’t so annoying).

LinebarrelTrust me, there’s nothing sexual here: they’re summoning a robot…

Shikabane Hime Aka – Also based on the manga. A world where when people die with things they left unfinished during their life they ressurect as shikabane (corpse), or zombies and start killing people. A group of Japanese monks start making their own shikabanes to hunt and kill shikabanes, and coincidently all their shikamanes are females and are hence called shikabane himes (corpse princesses). An adopted younger brother of one of these monks suddenly gets involved in a series of shikabane events as a mysterious cat starts showing him around. The voice actors are pretty mediocre but the story itself is pretty good. A friend who read the manga says that the anime adaptaion is much better. Animation is decent. (7.5/10)

Shikabane HimeChicks, sailor fuku, and gunz.

Kannagi – Again, based on a manga series. This is totally the hidden gem of this season. The manga itself isn’t well known and if you go find it now you’ll see why: The anime productors have managed to take a mediocre manga series and transform it into a fantastic anime. Guy builds a wood sculpture of a girl he met when he was young out of the wood of an ancient tree that was cut down for urban development. The land-god of the area suddenly appears out of the sculpture into a pretty teenage girl, saying that her powers have dwindled because people have lost faith in her and even chopped down her tree. She then lives with the guy and a hillarious story ensues. Top quality animation, a super funny story, and hilarious facial expressions make Kannagi one of the best anime series this season. Definitely don’t miss this one. (9.5/10)

KannagiBest facial expressions… ever.

Garei Zero – The prequel to the manga series Garei. I’m going to spoil the first episode for you right now: In the promotional materials you are shown a cast of characters, at the end of the first episode, they all die. I’m serious. I wasn’t going to watch this series until I read about this first episode. Definitely an innovative way to start a series, but you’ll find out quickly enough that the story isn’t really about the people that died in the first episode. Real story picks up around episode 3. It’s actually a story about a group of people who can see demons with their naked eyes (that normal people can’t see) and their fight against these demonic beings. Animation quality is high, but if you go read the actual manga you’ll find that the animation has gone and upgraded some of the manga’s character designs and maybe even changed a bit of the story too (I didn’t go far enough in the manga to tell). It’s actually a pretty decent series, if not only just to watch the first episode which is completely dumbfounding. (8.5/10)

Garei ZeroEvery single person you see in this picture, dies: in the first episode.

Kemeko Deluxe – Yes, based on the manga series, again. Guy and girl vows to marry each other when they were young, girl tells guy to swallow some mysterious green ball. 10 years later guy is in highschool and a mysterious mechanical midget appears out of nowhere and says that she is going to be his wife. Inside the robot is a girl who looks like the girl he vowed to marry 10 years ago but she denies that it’s her. Harem themed anime that is completely out there. It’s just messing around alot and using the mechanical doll to cause a lot of havoc. Interesting? maybe. But it’s a little too silly for my taste. Animation is decent but for some reason the protagonist’s skin tone got a little bit too much red on it and looks like he’s blushing 24/7. (5.5/10)

KemekoThe cute girl and her fugly mech suit.

Moryo no Hako – Based on some story (not sure what it is), character design by Clamp. This is the most confusing anime series ever. To be honest I’ve watched 5 episodes of this series and still cannot understand what this story is about or where it’s headed to. None of my friends that are watching this have any clue either. Moryo are demon like beings, and hako is a box. The first episode we are shown a box with a girl’s head in it, just the head, and it looks like she’s still alive. Then it completely goes in other directions. I suppose if you can keep track of all the dates it keeps throwing at you it might be a bit more manageable. Anyways, it looks like it’s an interesting story, and it looks like it might be a good series, but before I can grasp just what this story is about, I can only keep watching and say it’s mediocre. Hopefully it will turn out to be a very good series. (7/10 until further watching).

Moryo no HakoThere’s a head inside that box, and it’s alive.

Toaru Majutsu no Index – Based on the light novel. Guy is one of the many students of a school-city (a city where everything is about education) that is the gathering place of people with superpowers (scientifically explainable powers). This guy’s ability is his right hand can resist and dispell any other superpower that it comes in contact with. A mysterious girl falls from the sky and lands on his balcony one day claiming she is a library of a hundred thousand books on forbidden magic (magic is not recognized as a superpower and its existance is denied). He feeds her and finds out that she is being persued by evil magicians wanting to get a hold of the collection of books. Story continues on from there. Quality of this series is top notch, definitely recommended. (8.5/10)

IndexShe’s got more books in her head than you’ll ever read in your lifetime.

Macademi Washoi – Based on the light novel. High school kid is actually a magician and has to go to magic school after his normal school hours. In his attempt to summon a familiar he summons a strange girl with immense power that is neither demon or angel and becomes his familiar. Harem style anime, lots of otaku references, and basically a light hearted fooling around anime (like Kemeko). I’d say this one is better if not just because it’s more funny. They use clay dolls to represent naughty scenes sometimes and it’s annoying because the clay dolls look fugly. (6.5/10)

Macademi WashoiThese guys tell you what happens when otaku become powerful magicians.


Best Anime of the Season : Clannad – After Story –

Recommended : Kannagi, Gundam 00, Bounen no Xam’d, Toaru Majutsu no Index, Garei – Zero-

I liked (but you may not) : Yousakura Quartet, Shikabane Hime Aka


Thanks for reading this stupidly long post.